Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's on the Move again...

Meredith has been busy visiting family in Arkansas and Tennessee. She was only able to send me three pictures of her time in Tennessee because of our time difference and because she has been on the move sooooo much!

Meredith had a great time at Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Micah's house. Here are the three pictures I have but I know I will be able to post more when she gets near another computer!

Today she is headed back to Florida for a while longer and then she heads back HOME!!! Hurry up, time....we are dying without her! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

There's No Place like H...I mean...Grandaddy and Grammies!

Meredith has made it to Arkansas and according to Grammy..."She's made herself right at home like she has always lived here!" and "That girl can eat!" I guess she feels pretty comfy in her home away from home. :)

Getting ready....when did she grow up??
We miss that face around here! :(
Get her full, Grammy! Grandaddy, make her work in that garden! She needs to earn her keep!

Crazy Cousins

Meredith and Callie....just 9 months apart...get together at best once a year...seem to never miss a beat...and get crazier (and cuter) each time!

Catching Up

Meredith took her camera with her and she sent me more pictures today of her many adventures. Here she is with many of her "old buddies" as they caught up on old times at Calvary...sweet memories.
I can't believe how everyone has grown up so fast! (even you, Andrea!:)

Gotta have a gansta's in our blood (somewhere)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Miss Hollywood Goes to Arkansas

Meredith is now on her way to visit family in Arkansas and Tennessee! We are soooo jealous!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Logos Bible Giveaway

Logos Bible Software is giving away 72 premium bibles in the next year. Those of you that know me already know my weakness when it comes to nice bibles. Adding the Logos Bible Search Bar is one way to enter the contest. That is the reason we added this feature to our blog. Think of the advantages. Now you can spend time in the Word while you are catching up on the latest Dunavant adventures.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

She's Worn a good way! :)

I talked to Meredith today and she said, "I don't think I can handle one more person!" Now, don't take that wrong....she has just been loved on sooooo much and gotten to do so many fun things that she is just plain, worn out! Thanks to all of you who have kept her, taken her to do fun things and loved on her while she's been back "home!" She is having so much fun and we are thrilled she is with you!! :)
Meredith with the new and lovely Sarah Claire! I can't beleive she got to hold her first! Jason took her knee boarding!
A sweet reunion....we love you Mr. Mac!
Wow....these girls are so big now! I remember the day Amber came home from the hospital(looking like a little Indian baby:)...they have been like sisters since!
A trip to how clean and organized! Only those who have visited us can imagine what I am talking about! :)
Bowling fun with the Kings!
And a good home cooked meal at her home away from home!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Needless to say....

Meredith's having a great time! Just look at her!!!
Meredith and Alex...
Jenna's smooth moves...

They could do a Toyota commercial!

The shampoo fight!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Meredith's First Trip to America alone (kind of)

I am always amazed at how God has blessed us with such wonderful people in our lives! We have been doubly blessed by several people in the last few weeks and I just had to share it with you on our blog. Some dear friends, Paul and Sherry, offered to pay for Meredith to fly back to the states for a month long visit just so she would have something to do during our long, hot summer. We knew we couldn't let her fly alone but didn't know if we could find anyone coming to the states for just one month.....there was no way we could let her go any longer!:) Meredith's sweet teacher said she was going for that length of time and would be happy to have Meredith as her flying buddy. We are so thankful for her and her servant spirit she always shows! Thanks Miss Allison for all you do!!! :) Thanks Paul and Sherry for being who you are...we love you and miss you too, Jenna and Alex! :)A few tears were shed... Our baby is growing up into a beautiful young woman!
Paul snapped a shot as soon as she arrived. I can't believe how big these three girls are seems like they were just playing dress up (in the famous purple pants) just a few days ago!
First stop: Cracker Barrel for some chicken, greens and fried ocra! A southern girl's dream!:)
Safe and sound with one of her best buds...too sweet.
Since arriving back to the states, Meredith has gone to the beach, tubed and knee boarded on a lake (with Jason...thanks, sohobna), eaten at Sonic and Cracker Barrel, and word has it that she is going to her first Youth group tonight!

More Vacation Pics...

I found a few more vacation pics to share. This first one cracks me up! The hotel where we stayed hosts a boy's orphanage once a year for two days at their hotel. These boys joined us in the pool for several hours of our stay. This boat picture makes me laugh! :)

The girl can jump! Such a daddy's girl

Bathing Beauties :)