Saturday, July 09, 2011

First Camp Experience

Matthew Ray, Madison and their friend, Cohen had their first summer camp experience this week! Not only was it their first but it was all in Arabic! It was a stretch for them but they did great after the first few calls home. Some of the conversations went like this:

Matthew Ray: Mom, we are coming home after swimming today. I found a man who will bring us home. I will call you when we are on our way and you can tell him the directions to our house!

Me: Matthew, you will be fine. You are not coming home. You have lots of friends there.

Matthew Ray: I think we are what is called homesick. Our heads and stomachs hurt so that means we are homesick.

Me: You will be fine. There are several friends there you know well!

Matthew Ray: MOM! YOU DON"T GET IT! I don't miss my friends! I miss my FAMILY!

Madison called a little later and said, "Mom, I'm sorry but I don't think I can do's soooooo much Arabic!!" It was pitiful to hear these conversations but we encouraged them and they decided they could stay. We called today to tell the leaders we would be coming to pick them up and they said, "They have done great! They don't even miss you and haven't said anything else about you since you called." We are so proud of all three! It's a major accomplishment!
They made it home safely this afternoon and this was the report: "We had a great time! We went to church like FOUR times everyday! We don't need to go to church for a LOOOOONG TIME!"

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